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N.E.W. Workshop Fort Wayne
N.E.W. Workshop Fort Wayne
N.E.W. Workshop Fort Wayne



Engineer? Minister? Architect? Mechanic? We would love to work with you!


We are looking for females in all nontraditional careers with 2+ years of experience in their career fields. From construction workers to athletic trainers and biologists to pilots, we need all of you!


Invest in the next generation of female leaders by taking part in our workshop.

Share your story, your passion, and your expertise with high school students, and show them the benefits of pursuing nontraditional careers.


Sign up below and we'll reach out to you with all the info you need to become a mentor through our workshop and help us expand the career possibilities of local high school students.


Can't commit to a N.E.W. mentorship? Consider a small donation to help expand career possibilities for young women in our area. Even the smallest amount helps in a big way.


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